Enhancing education and literacy by bringing about knowledge and transformation of lives through innovative methods based on information and communication technologies.


We encourage entrepreneurship and proactivity. We encourage innovative resources, new ideas and sustainable business and solutions.


We are on the field when the means are scarce. We want to help with our people, when any company needs them most. We give back to society in an equitable, fair, necessary way.

Visionaria universe



Cryptographic currency, with more than 100k users, which is in force in the Visionaria ecosystem and speeds up our projects, adding value to them and providing security in all transactions.


Decision making, investment management and financial consultancy tool, segmented and directed to the cryptographic market.

Collubus PRO

Global crypto currency exchange, where the most relevant currencies in the market are traded. Technologically advanced, secure, agile and intuitive platform.


Crypto currency of the Collubus group, which makes it possible to distribute dividends to those who own AMZCoins and can thus obtain 40% net profits from Collubus Pro.


B2B crypto payment gateway that provides all the conventional features: protects sensitive data, guaranteeing all the effectiveness of the procedures.


Secure web wallet, where all the crypto are correctly stored and to which the user accesses - with full control of his funds.


Interface that allows the integration of all existing currencies in the Exchange and allows the coordination of several peers, keeping all data encrypted and secure.


Digital reference channel where we focus content on the crypto world. Here you will find several currencies and quotes, Exchanges, ICO, news, articles and other useful tools.

International Network Business

Accelerating and business-creating structure, with global reach. By leveraging the personal and professional network of contacts, INB allows them to generate several opportunities and achieve extra income.


Online platform for selling shares in two globally profitable businesses, Homy Scratch and Royales Casino, and offering a variety of possibilities to invest and enter a partnership - without intermediaries.

Royales Casino

Online casino with hundreds of games in addition to classic Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack/21 and Slot Machines.

Homy Scratch

Virtual gaming system played online, similar to the traditional instant lottery system, where the player “scratches” and wins potential immediate prizes.

Megablock FX

Forex signal provider that allows, with all confidence, to help traders in the difficult task of making decisions and investing in a market as floating as the financial one.

Monttra PRO

It is one of the most effective market solutions in the fight against counterfeiting. A platform that defends brands, protecting who buys and who sells.

Serviço na Hora

A computer platform bringing together several authorised agents who provide services of convenience to citizens. Decentralize to make it closer and more convenient.

O Rey 77

Restaurant of traditional Portuguese cuisine, which serves high quality light meals and provides unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

OBT Live

Market research and investment centre, which aggregates business and finances projects with high potential. In reality, a community incubator and accelerator.


Business centre, issuer and recipient of working ideas, which aims at their rapid implementation through the assessment of scalability potential, development of synergies and even incorporation into Group investments.

Donation Distribution Share

Foundation that develops several projects in the fields of philanthropy and social responsibility, creating impact in areas such as childhood, environment, food and animal life.