Who we are

Since 2018 we have been aware that "Visionaria is neither a normal company nor the same as others". The goal has always been "to make bets in areas that may be speculative or unusual in relation to traditional businesses".

From the outset, Visionaria has challenged itself to do more, and to accomplish important and impacting achievements in society, considering its resources. Visionaria was born with unusual ideas. Many of them already have thousands of users, such as INB, AMZ, CollubusPro. And we didn't stop there.

We try every day to do things that other people think are " out of the box ". For us, they are motivating, exciting, put smiles on our faces and make us want to work even more. We have always believed that, over time, companies are comfortable doing the same thing.

In information technology, where revolutionary ideas guide the sectors that are now growing vertiginously, it is essential to be uncomfortable and think differently. Only then are we relevant.

Visionaria is fine and recommended, but we believe we can always take another step, make it more sustainable, more responsible. This is how DDS was born, for example.

What is Visionaria, then? It is a group of companies with very distinct areas: from Philanthropy (DDS) to Corporate Security solutions (Monttra Pro); from a cryptocurrency (AMZ) and cryptocurrencies investments (INB) to a restaurant (O Rey 77).

We believe that this model offers us more management scalability so that we can take care of each business independently. Visionaria focuses on the prosperity of each business under strong leadership and its own autonomy.



To offer an extensive range of cutting-edge products, services and technological solutions, within the hyper-competitive context of our market. To bet on diversification, in order to obtain better results.



To be a reference in the creation and establishment of innovative projects and promote the necessary resources to implement and execute a business on a global scale.