Social responsability

What is it?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental concept created to help companies voluntarily integrate social and ecological concerns into their activities. About 70% of the companies operating in our country, for example, assume to have a sustainability strategy formalised, implemented and integrated into their business strategy.

At Visionaria, we are no exception. On the contrary, we fight every day for beneficial ways of thinking and actions that positively impact the community in which we operate.

Social responsability


Corporate social responsibility is an essential element, where the goal is not only profit, but also to bring benefits to employees and to the community where the business is inserted.

For some years now, Google has been the company that invests most in renewable energies. Solar and wind energy? They are its biggest buyers and ambassadors.

These benefits can be new, totally green company policies, buildings that benefit the community, and ecological literacy actions.

At Visionaria, we believe that future generations need to learn more about ecological practices. We want to share knowledge and experience, we are in various markets, and we know various ways of acting to protect the environment.

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