International Network Business

The best side of the relationship

The International Network Business is a structure that brings together people with the aim of achieving a better balance between professional and personal life. For this, they choose to take advantage of better conditions and access.

Through an initial residual purchase, the client can quickly achieve an interesting monthly income by becoming an ambassador for Visionaria products and services.

It includes career plans and business opportunities that enable it to initiate or strengthen its proficiency in the e-financial world.

INB is an affiliate marketing company, supported by AMZCoin, which allows for the entry, participation and interaction of clients via Visionaria’s cryptocoin (AMZ Coin).

Through the acquisition of stakes you can get knowledge and income, in a fully protected digital environment.

We emit 100,000 AMZCoins per day. And with just $20 you can become a member in INB. Find out more here.

INB. The union does better business.

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