About us

EIDOLON is your opportunity to present your great idea to potential investors. VISIONARIA is launching not only a place for you to put your ideas forward but to make a pitch on OBT Live to get more coverage and more customers.

Great Product: start developing a good idea into a great product Sell Your Product: Using Social Media or EBay – good customer feedback will let investors know that your product works well.

Bottom Line: Make sure you have covered all the costs in a well presented cash flow document and attach as many images of your product to help get the message across to potential investors.

There will be questions

be ready and able with good answers:

What does your product do- why is it unique?

How much capital do you require and how much equity will you give investors?

Do the figures add up – production costs, plus, sales costs, selling price, expected profit.

What are production lead times – how quickly can you make and sell your products?

Your Investor Sales Pitch – KISS (keep it simple stupid) and make it interesting in a five minute sales video to put forward on OBT Live.