Collubus is a facilitating platform that helps you in the decision-making process. And decide what, exactly? When and how to make investments in the crypto world, in the simplest, fastest and most reliable way. Meaning, in the smartest way.

The know-how of a trend that is already used by more than 2M of users, is in the Collubus world - learn everything on the website powered by Visionaria.

The best side of the exchange

Collubus Pro

Reach the world market of cryptocurrencies with a user-friendly, fast and safe interface. With a sophisticated tool, you can substantially improve your investment experiences in the crypto universe.

Buy and sell crypto in a few minutes with a few clicks. Find out everything on the website.


Cryptocurrency of the Collubus Group, which makes it possible to distribute dividends to those who own AMZCoins and can thus obtain 40% net profits from Collubus Pro.

Easy as ever.


Welcome to our payment gateway for crypto and B2B which offers all the conventional functionalities: it protects sensitive data and guarantees all the effectiveness of the procedures.

CollPay is the fastest and safest way to send crypto, make an online payment, receive crypto or even create a merchant account.

CollPay operates a worldwide online payment system that supports cryptographic transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional methods.

CollPay, easy as ever.

Your best portfolio.


Digital finance, simplified at Collubus Group Wallet. Nothing like having our own portfolio to store and manage our assets. Bitcoin, Ethereum, AMZ Coin and so many others to buy, sell and invest.

The best digital wallet for cryptographic currency is the one that offers 100% security, allows integration with traditional financial institutions, has global reach and offers 24/7 customer support.

CollWallet, your best portfolio.


An interface that allows the integration of all existing currencies in the Exchange and allows the coordination of several peers, keeping all data encrypted and secure.

The best side of digital influence



Digital reference channel where we focus content on the crypto world. Here you will find several currencies and quotes, Exchanges, ICO, news, articles and other useful tools.

It is your source of inspiration and knowledge for the latest news and discussions in the crypto world. Through a subscription model, you will acquire expertise in fintech like you never imagined, because CollNews' panel of experts, investors, CFOs and CEOs is prepared to share knowledge.

Are we talking about bitcoins? Yes, but there is much more to it than that, as you will discover here.

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