Ethical code

Employees' Commitments

Visionaria's employees make a commitment to:

Acting in a loyal manner towards the Group, striving to comply with the policies defined at all times and safeguarding its reputation in all situations;

Acting in a professional, responsible and rigorous manner, guaranteeing the conduct that best safeguards the Group's interests;

To seek to improve and update their knowledge, with the aim of continually improving their professional skills;

To contribute to Visionaria's business in a consistent, creative, committed and persistent manner in order to achieve its objectives, carrying out appropriate risk management and ensuring the effectiveness of the required monitoring of its management;

To collaborate with all areas of the Group, in particular with internal auditing, and to provide objective, factual, complete and true information and knowledge without omissions or restrictions;

To use social networks in a responsible manner so as to avoid such use impairing performance at work or involving Visionaria.

Ethical code

Relationship with Stakeholders

Visionaria and its Employees make an institutional and individual commitment to the observance of ethical principles in their relationship with stakeholders, in accordance with their needs and specificities and the principles of rigour and transparency in accountability.