Values and Ethics

Our guiding principles, attitudes, decisions and the exercise of our responsibilities are:

Ethics and professional integrity
Appreciation of entrepreneurial and innovative creativity
Promotion of entrepreneurship
Appreciation of people and teamwork
Flexibility and adaptation to the real economy
Continuous Improvement
Contribution to social and economic development

About us

Visionaria is a Business Group that makes investments in various sectors.

Visionaria has created a cryptocurrency, AMZCoin, which allows you to pay and receive payments between the various projects/companies that Visionaria owns.

AMZCoin launches an ICO to validate and leverage specific phases of the various projects/companies that are already working.

Visionaria is aware of the Human Condition.

There are 10.000.000 AMZCoins available to distribute, this distribution will be done by DDS (Donation Distribution Share), it's from this that we'll run various philanthropy/charity projects around the world.

We are also a group with an environmental concern, and throughout that, we only work with businesses that do not increase the ecological footprint in the world. We are always looking for new opportunities to lower this footprint as we consider this to be one of the biggest scourges in the world today.


Create an offer of high technology products, services and solutions focused on the competitiveness of the sectors we operate in. Our focus is on increasing the range of activities in order to achieve results.


• Be a reference in the creation and implementation of innovative projects.

• Promote the resources needed to be able to implement and execute global business.

The Monttra


MONTTRA anti-counterfeiting App brings advanced blockchain technology in B2B and B2C from the manufacturer to the customer.

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Trading UP - fees DOWN

At Collubus you can trade the more popular coins like AMZCoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and more. All of this with the guarantee of the lowest fees on the market.

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Charity above all

The Donation Distribution Share mission is to assist those in need through responsible funding and project management. To get this funding the AMZCoin ICO has allocated 10 million coins.

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The wEirD & Wacky History Contents Platform

Amazing History will challenge the mind with thought-provoking, historical facts, fascinating conundrums, unaccountable mysteries and stranger than fiction philosophies and beliefs.

With online content highlighted via YouTube the aim is for this digital influencer to become a major source of revenue through subscriptions and income for investor staking.

This company is made up of 10.000 shares and anyone can acquire them and be part of the society.

You will have access to a platform at to track the profitability of your shares.

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OBT Live


OBT Live (Opportunity Business Tank Live) is a collective investment platform to discuss and evaluate the potential for viable returns on various business ventures put forward by entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

The forum will offer venture capital and long-term opportunities for investors seeking a sustainable source of monthly income through multiple industries and ecological, environmental businesses.

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Opportunity for Capital Investment

Your great idea could become a reality with EIDOLON. We are calling entrepreneurs and inventors to put forward their projects to gain capital funding.

This is Your Best Chance for Success

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Making sense of Crypto & Blockchain

ALLABOUTCRYPTO.TV covers the rapidly developing world surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The subscriber network channel will take questions and provide professional answers for all in an exciting format with regular articles and podcasts on the cryptocurrency world news and events.

Crypto TV will be your online channel where you can find the latest FinTech developments and keep up to date with the entire worldwide crypto ecosystem.

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The base of success

AMZCoin is a cryptocurrency created with EOS technology, which will be used to pay and receive in each of the companies that Visionaria owns.

As well as has a huge project of technological innovation and social responsibility between 2019 to 2050.

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Visionaria Team

André Cunha

Visionaria Chairman and AMZCoin CEO

Herminio Caceres

Support Manager for all Spanish Visionaria Platforms

Cristiano Pereira

Responsible for Social Media and Digital Marketing

Adão Bento

Affiliate Manager, Responsible for English Platform Support and OBTLive Non-Executive Director

Rui Machado

Management and Finance Advisor

Nuno Ferreira

Platform Manager and Support Manager in Portuguese Language

João Reis

International Expansion Director

Visionaria Organigram