About us

MONTTRA Platform Provides: Advanced Anti-Fraud Technology to Prevent Counterfeit Products from Reaching the Customer.

KYC: means giving customers and consumers what they pay for.

MONTTRA Technology Ensures: Your Valued Customers Receive Your Authentic Product and NOT a Counterfeit Brand.

Message from CEO

Fernando Veloso

Counterfeiting remains a serious problem, undermining consumer confidence and safety. In this new Year 2020, we want to be the solution to gradually reverse and eliminate this scourge by providing the Brands, and the entire distribution chain, with the technology that really resolves this. Contact MONTTRA and join our innovative solution. Get complete control of your entire distribution chain. Visit our website:

Product Security at the Highest Level



Exclusive Back Office: Protect your brand and products with an Automatic Serialisation Process.

Supply Chain Security: Ensure Customer Confidence with Product Quality and Authenticity Guaranty