About us

wEirD amazing stuff happens all the time. The AH Contents Platform will bring incredible, funny and always interesting, educational stories.

We hope that AH audience will be everyone around the globe, regardless of age or gender. So Boys and Girls, Women and Men – if you like to find out amazing facts, AMAZING HISTORY will be your “Go To” channel.

This is a General Knowledge platform – the aim is to make a fun experience for people and give them an opportunity to respond through subscriptions and chat with other fans.

At first, a weekly upload of an historical event or trivia. Subscribers will be kept informed by social media and the AH App. of forthcoming attractions which will be listed in advance on the AH website.

YouTube gets around 300 uploads per minute and more than 30 million views per day; we know that everyone out there is promoting their channel. To get the word out about AH we will massively bombard Social Media and Discussion Forums using AirDrop and iOS App, but AMZ Coin and AH Stakers can use this opportunity to build their own social media following.

The Average earnings from subscribers and views is around $2.00 per one thousand views. We will need AMZCoin Staking Investors to get the word out and help to keep their staking profits rolling in.